Having a comfortable, modern office is important both for influencing how your employees feel at work and providing clients with a professional space. Working in or visiting an office with old furniture can be demotivating for employees and clients alike!


Choosing the right modern furniture for an office is a great way to refresh your space without doing an entire office renovation. Finding the right furniture for your lobby, community work spaces, meeting rooms, and at the desks themselves can make all the difference between an out of date space and a modern space.

Upgrade your furniture, and upgrade your business!


work spaces

Community work spaces can include things like coffee tables, deep chairs,high tables, and floor cushions to give employees a different space to work in. These spaces are very modern in their essence – providing space for an employee to think differently or collaborate with peers is a very modern business idea. Using modern furniture just comes with the territory!


Occasional chairs

Occasional chairs can be used in a variety of business settings to make an environment more inviting, endearing, and comfortable. Offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and more industries can make use of  chairs. They can add a touch of modernity, accent colours, or simply be a practical place to sit.

Desket designs and manufactures modern occasional chairs that can be used in these settings and more. Find out how an occasional chair can spruce up your business or draw attention to your decor.



Choosing chairs for a lobby in an office often depends on the space available. Whether you have a sprawling space that requires a few key pieces, or a small entranceway that needs enough seats to fit waiting clients, choosing the right office lobby chair is key.