Sometimes all you need to declutter is a fresh perspective.

Once your things are yours, letting go of them can feel like a loss. A loss of money or preparedness or potential. And those are very real feelings. But whenever you can loosen your hold on your stuff, you're also gaining a lot of intangible benefits: More space—mentally and physically, as in the case of a too-tight pair of jeans that steal a part of both your dresser drawer and your self-esteem. More clarity to decide what to buy and keep in the future. More attention for the things you do own and use and care for and love.

I hope you can recognize that decluttering your things isn't a net loss. Every thing you can eliminate from your life and your home leaves a bit of magic in the air where it was placed.

Today's Cure assignment is a lesson in letting go of some things, and also appreciating the things we choose to keep.






                                                  Choosing modern dining chairs to furnish a dining room is no easy task. First, you need to find a size that is suitable for your room and table. Then, you need to decide on the colour and material for the upholstery. Don't forget choosing the material of the base! And of course, choosing what style of legs and arms you want for the chairs. Lastly, your dining room will be the place where your friends and family gather. You want it to be comfortable, welcoming, and intimate.

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