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If you’re looking to update your home to create a luxury and contemporary feel for 2019, a great place to start is with your master bedroom. Your master should offer a tranquil space, free from clutter that’s ideal for unwinding and getting a good night’s sleep.

While a complete overhaul might not be on your radar, you’ll be surprised by what a difference simply upgrading your furniture can make. Read on to discover more about updating your bedroom furniture for 2019, and our favourite bedroom sets to create a luxury finish…

Why it might be time to upgrade your bedroom furniture set…

When it comes to key pieces such as your bed or dressing table, these are often pieces that we don’t replace for a number of years. This can result in hanging on to outdated and worn pieces for too long, and just ‘making do’ with what you have. However, the master bedroom should have a luxurious feel, whether that means plush finishes or high quality materials, the bedroom should feel like a safe haven to retreat to at the end of a long day.

                Of course if you take this approach it can feel like you might end up updating your bedroom furniture every few years or so, but there is a way around this. Instead of choosing on-trend pieces, invest in quality and classic design that will stand the test of time, so that you can enjoy a luxury finish in your master for years to come.


The bed is often the most important element to get right when it comes to updating your master. Get that right and everything else will fall into place. For more inspiration for bedroom furniture browse our range of premium and contemporary beds now!